Conference breaks can be booked additionally or outside of a conference package.

All extras can be booked from 10 persons.


For all breaks, we serve Darboven coffee and Ronnefeldt tea specialities.

Sweet tooth | 17 € per person

home-made chocolate, banana chocolate milkshake, chocolate-caramel-brownie cookie, chocolate muffin

Vitamin Boost | 17 € per person

Steigenberger smoothie, veggie sticks with Bavarian hummus, whole grain bread with cottage cheese, fruit salad, veggie crisps

“German tea time” | 17 € per person

Bread roll with “Obatzda” (German spread), butter pretzels, radish, lard pastry

Savory breakfast | 17 € per person

Mini-steak sandwich, beer jam, radish, pickles, farmers bread with lard and chives

Grab & Go (take away snacks for after the event) | 18 € per person

Steigenberger smoothie, fruits basket, baguette with cold cuts, cheese, tuna or mozzarella, power bar, muffin


Our light lunch ranges from international to Bavarian cuisine.

Light Lunch I

Baguette with serrano ham, anti-pasti or BBQ chicken

Butter pretzels and pretzel rolls with cold cuts

Tomato-coconut soup with cilantro

„Sendlinger wedding soup“

Penne arrabiata with grilled vegetables and parmesan

Chocolate and blueberry muffins

Fruit salad

24 € per person

Light Lunch II

Baguette with serrano ham, anti-pasti or BBQ chicken

Bagels with ham and cheese, cream cheese or smoked salmon

Carrot orange soup with whole grain crouton

Gazpacho with basil oil

Gnocchi primavera with parmesan

Chocolate brownies with salted caramel

Fruit salad

24 € per person

Light Lunch III

Baguette with serrano ham, anti-pasti or BBQ chicken

Wraps with turkey, mozzarella or salmon

Celery soup with whole grain croutons

Tom Kha soup with cilantro und mushrooms

Thai chicken curry with rice

Cherry crumble

24 € per person


Our buffets can be booked with a minimum of 30 participants.


Choose your finger food buffet from Bavarian or international cuisine.

It can be booked for a minimum number of 10 participants.

Fingerfood I

Caesar salad with croutons and parmesan

Caprese salad with tomatoes and pesto

Teriyaki skewers with hoi sin and chili sauce

Vegetables quiche with goat cheese

Blueberry muffin

Mango Panna Cotta

29 € per person

Fingerfood II

Oriental cous cous salad with dried fruits

Goatscheese panna cotta with pumpernickel (German dark bread)

Baked chicken skewers with Thai salad

Fish curry with wild rice and veggies

Chocolate brownies with salted caramel

Coffee cream with whipped cream

29 € per person

Fingerfood III

Meat balls with potato salad and mustard

Take away snacks (smoked salami sticks and radish)

„Tafelspitz“ with root vegetables and polenta

„Spätzle“(German noodles) with cheese and roasted onions

Bavarian creme with raspberries

Red wine cake with hazelnuts

29 € per person


Our menus are offered for groups up to 120 people.

For smaller groups we will be happy to create menu suggestions from our restaurant menu.